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Michael Kechinov's startups development studio
M.Kechinov's startups development studio offers outsource department of web development and project management for companies and web start-ups. We are major in complex web-applications for the following branches: tourism, loyalty systems, feed aggregators, home finances and others.

Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics provides education and conducts research in information technologies, fine mechanics and optics, and is well-known both in Russia and worldwide for over 110 years.The University is within Top 30 Universities of Russian Federation and educates world champions in programming and IT-entrepreneurs.
PwC's Accelerator
PwC’s Accelerator – проект PwC, ориентированный на помощь и поддержку малого и среднего бизнеса в их стремлении выйти на международные рынки и стать глобальными игроками.
EMC is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service (ITaaS). Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset—information—in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way.
Innovative Partner
The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Educational partner
Skolkovo meets DLD Moscow
In collaboration with
DLD Moscow is a global conference network on innovation, digital, science and culture which connects business, creative and social leaders, opinion-formers and investors for crossover conversation and inspiration.
The strategic goal of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre is to concentrate international intellectual capital, thereby stimulating the development of break-through projects and technologies. In the course of implementation of the project. The Skolkovo Foundation and its partners transform the infrastructure, resources and other possibilities of the centre, into effective services for companies that are project participants.
Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, United States that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services predominantly related to computing through its various product divisions.
Global TechInnovations
Global TechInnovations is a new kind of global investment and professional services company. Its mission is to integrate the local entrepreneurial community, technology innovations and venture financing system into global innovation ecosystem.
U.S. Embassy in Moscow
U.S. Embassy in Moscow
Open University
OpUS Mission — to develop students’ imagination and creativity, showing the diversity of current world views and types of thinking. World-leading researchers and practitioners allow the OpUS to look beyond technological frontiers, helping it to ask the most important questions, to which there are no answers for the time being.
Softline Venture Partners
Softline Venture Partners is a venture fund, looking for high growth potential projects in the sphere of IT, internet technologies. Appropriate maturity level: early and growing stages. Its focus: talented entrepreneurs, working at technology-based projects connected with: internet and mobile applications, “cloud” services, enterprise software, e-commerce. We deal with ambitious entrepreneurs and help them carry out their ideas into practice and form an ecosystem of their business.
Pioneers Festival
Pioneers Festival is not just a conference, it’s one of the biggiest startup festivals in Europe. It provides a fabulous opportunity to present your startup to the European tech community, contact directly to investors and have a great networking.
An exceptional conference where entrepreneurs have an excellent opportunity to present their start-up projects to the leading investors from around the world. Apart from that, participants can listen to keynotes of global gurus of Internet business, as well as business angels and representatives of VC Funds that are ready to invest in the region.
Strategic Partners
One of the objects of innovation infrastructure in St. Petersburg. Business Incubator is a subdivision of the OJSC Technopark of St. Petersburg. The main goal of the Incubator - to assist in the accelerated development of innovative companies. Now Ingria has more than 70 residents.
High Technology Technopark IT-park
Strategic Partners
Technopark in high-tech "IT Park" – is the industrial park in the area of information and communication technologies, established in the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan within the framework of the Integrated Program "Creation of parks in the Russian Federationin the sphere of high technologies". The main objective of industrial park is to accelerate the development of IT companies and increasing the share of IT sector in the economy of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Media partners
Russia 2 is a Russian television channel operated by VGTRK. It primarily broadcasts entertainments and sports.
The Next Web
Media partners
The Next Web is one of the world’s largest online publications that delivers an international perspective on the latest news about Internet technology, business and culture.
Global Corporate Venturing
Media partners
Global Corporate Venturing is a monthly publication for the in-house venture capital team at large companies that take minority stakes in smaller, more nascent businesses. This is the first dedicated news, analysis and comment title specifically for corporate venturing and will complement the existing venture capital titles and other financial services publications.
East-West Digital News
Media partners
Launched in 2011, East-West Digital News is the first international
resource on Russian IT, innovation and related investment activity.
The site provides news, events, market data, business tools and
updates related to Internet, e-commerce, mobile and telecoms, digital
TV and satellite systems, software and hardware innovation.
Media partners
TV channel «Uspeh» (Success) is an unique thematic channel, which gives
managers and owners of small and medium-sized businesses all the tools and
information to achieve personal and professional success. Broadcast
coverage: all Russia, countries of the near abroad.
Media partners
Founded in 2006, GigaOM has grown into the leading provider of online media, events and research for global technology innovators. The company is one of the most credible and insightful voices at the intersection of business and technology, with an online audience of more than 5.5 million monthly unique visitors; industry-leading events, including Structure, Mobilize, GigaOM RoadMap, and Structure:Data; and a pioneering market research service and digital community, GigaOM Pro, which provides expert analysis and research on emerging technology markets.
First mobile partner
WapStart is the owner of the largest mobile advertising network Plus1 WapStart and the most popular and complete mobile sites catalogue Top WapStart in Russia. WapStart services thousands of mobile publishers with over 10 million unique visitors and over 1.5bln impressions monthly. Plus1 WapStart unique technology allows for detailed targeting and analysis of the visiting audience, resulting in the most relevant ads placement for increased ROI and monetization. Advertisers who already promote their goods and services in our ad network are: RZD (Joint Stock Company "Russian Railways), Mvideo, Beliy Veter (Large Russians Retales ), Tinkoff Bank, VTB24, Alfa-Bank (Large Russians Banks), VW, Garnier, Letoile, LG, Samsung, Google, Yandex (the biggest Russian Search Engine, Google analogue) and other online and offline businesses.
Official social network
VK (VKontakte) is the biggest Russian social network service, which is very popular in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Belarus.

VK is the most visited resource on the Russian Internet (TNS Gallup).
The site has more than half of the CIS internet traffic (Liveinternet).
Over 110 million users are registered on the site.
Over 33 000 000 users log on to the site every day (Liveinternet).
More than 2 000 000 000 pages are opened daily (Liveinternet).
Around 70% of users live in Russia.
25% of users are from Moscow, and 12% are from Saint Petersburg (Liveinternet).
More than 60% of users are over 25 years old (TNS Gallup).
Info partners
Interfax Information Services Group provides news and other information products that are essential for decision-makers in politics and business.

Interfax has thousands of clients throughout the world, including leading Russian and foreign media groups, state and government organizations, major banks, corporations, investment companies and funds
Info partners
Info partners
Many people afraid to start their own business. Common issues - lack of know-how and co-founders, lack of seed money, afraid of risks etc. Garage48 is here to change that mindset and show that it's all about positive attitude, creative team members and a motivating deadline.
Info partners
Russian Enterpreneurs' HUB
Info partners
E-xecutive.ru is the first professional social network in Runet. The site unites managers and entrepreneurs, registered under their real names. Now community counts more than 250 000 participants.
E-xecutive.ru is the nominate for Runet Award 2010 in the category business portal. The site is in TOP five theme-portals of Runet
Info partners
GoalEurope was formed in 2004 to provide SMEs with a reliable access to outsourcing and innovation in Russia and Eastern Europe.
Startup Women
Info partners
Startup Women is a virtual business incubator and community for women entrepreneurs in sphere of IT and Internet. The goal of Startup Women is promotion internet-entrepreneurship among women, increasing the number of successful project, led by women and creation of project in sphere of e-commerce, mobile application and media, where women are the target audience.
Info partners
CNews is the largest daily online source launched in 2000. CNews focuses on the latest IT news, analytical articles, market reviews, internet surveys. The printed version has been published since 2004. Up to 100 pieces of news are posted on the site daily, providing authoritative insight and opinion on the Russian and Foreign markets of computer equipment, software, automation and informatization, e-commerce and telecommunications, entertainment industry. The average monthly attendance is over 1,5 mln.
The Analytical Banking Magazine
Info partners
The Analytical Banking Magazine is a respectable monthly magazine published since 1995. Over the last several years the magazine has been recognized as the most professional and popular edition in Russian banking industry. The magazine’s subscribers include heads of banks, insurance, financial and investment companies, government, representatives of the legislative and executive authorities from Russia, the CIS, the Baltic states and foreign countries.
Business Incubator of HSE
Info partners
Business Incubator was founded in 2006 by students and professors of State University – Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow, and has quickly become a catalyst for student entrepreneurial activities far beyond its HSE walls.
Info partners
VentureVolga is an organization, providing assessment and information on innovations and investments in Russian Region of the Volga.
The InnoTech Summit
Info partners
The InnoTech Summit – The innovation summit brings together the UK’s leading technology startups, venture capitalists, and technology angels to discuss, network, and learn about the latest developments across Hi-Tech.
Startup Highway
Info partners
StartupHighway is a European start-up accelerator, aspiring to be the best of its kind in the wider CEE region. It is designed for those with the best business startup ideas to provide them with the tools, network and knowledge necessary to get in shape for angel or venture capital funding.
Info partners
RESTEC® Exhibition Company uses state-of-the-art technologies and applies advanced marketing strategies in annual implementation of federal intersectoral, industrial and network projects as well as when introducing world exhibition brands to Russian market.
Info partners
A consulting company that provides the large variety of services with business-accelerator function which uses a self-developed program for increasing the growth of the start-up companies.
Info partners
Educational and analitical blog for internet entrepreneurs, with wiki and Q&A system about startups.
Info partners
MEDIA-WILE - the information online magazine devoted to Internet business and marketing.

The magazine focuses the main attention on these segments: business development on the Internet, e-commerce, social networks, Internet startups, innovative marketing technologies, industry events.
Info partners
StartupForum.ru is the community of Internet entrepreneurs. You can get professional advices here and even investment to start your own project. Moreover, you can find here the investment for your money.
Here you can obtain necessary connections and knowledge for successfully creating and running of your own business.
The First Saint-Petersburg business incubator
Info partners
The First Saint-Petersburg business incubator was established by the Administration of Saint-Petersburg (Decree № 1425 from 22.11.2006) with co-operation of the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation. It is a support project for small innovative high technology business in Saint-Petersburg.
Innovation and Venture Financing Committee of Interregional public organization "Moscow Entrepreneur Association"
Info partners
Moscow Entrepreneur Association (MEA), founded in 1989, is the oldest interregional public organization of entrepreneurs in Russia. Businessmen from 51 regions of Russia, as well as from other countries, work in 50 committees of the Association.
Info partners
The regional project of the "Expert" magazine - the only Russian business weekly, deeply and professionally studying the economy, the Russian and international business, social and political processes, science and innovation.
Yaroslavl Regional Public Organization (YRPO) «The Union of Young businessmen»
Info partners
Yaroslavl Regional Public Organization (YRPO) «The Union of Young businessmen» - the public organization carrying out the maintenance and progression of young businessmen of Yaroslavl region.
YRPO «The Union of Young businessmen» is a mediator between progressive business centers and regions of Russia delaying in youth entrepreneurship yet.
Info partners
BaltInfo.Ru - periodic electronic mass mediaof "Baltic Media Group" with orientation on social and political life.
National Investment Association
Info partners
National Investment Association has long working contacts to world and Russian banks, investment companies, large investment funds,raises investments for development of business, innovation and modernization, expansion and building new enterprises, organizes crediting, project financing, debt re-structuring, purchase/sale of assets, share financing, attraction of a strategic investor
Russian School of Management
Info partners
The Russian School of Management is the largest educational center in Russia, providing short and medium-length business training courses. The head offices of the school are located in Moscow. School campuses and representative offices are located in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk and several other cities.
Info partners
Netology is an educational project, established by practitioners of internet marketing, in order to hand the knowledge down and teach the skills required to work on internet advertising and promotion for wide range of specialists who study the web.
Info partners
INISMO creates a lasting business relationship between entrepreneurs and their business angels. We assist with the negotiation process, review pertinent documents and provide a web-based deal room to enhance communication between all involved parties.
Info partners
toWave –online news edition which publishes data on social media, digital marketing and online projects. We provide you with the most interesting articles, the most current news and the most advanced experience of foreign and domestic experts.
Info partners
Startup Monthly is an accelerator based in Silicon Valley which brings together a community of leading entrepreneurs, investors and mentors from all over the world in order to help startups to be lean and efficient in creating their new ventures from Zero to Startup in one Month.
Startup Monthly mission is to create ecosystem, helping entrepreneurship communities around the world create, quickly innovate, grow startups and get investments in a wide area of technical fields.
Retail&Loyalty: business, technologies, projects
Info partners
Retail&Loyalty: business, technologies, projects
Retail&Loyalty Journal covers the best world and domestic practices, new innovative ideas in the field of retail business and self-services in the context of new development trends in the businesses associated with traditional and virtual retail services, loyalty and cobranding programs, etc.
PLUS Journal
Info partners
PLUS Journal is the most competent specialized multiregional periodical in the Eurasian market (Russia, CIS & others) since 1994
The circulation of the journal is 4 000 copies. Number of readers per single copy (on average) - 4,3 pers. Average readership per Issue -17,200 pers.
The publication is distributed via subscription (by the Editorial Board and agencies) and at the events with participation of the journal in the Eurasian market. 12 issues a year
Info partners
GlobalMSK.ru - news on business, politics, economics, finance and many other topics. Mergers and acquisitions, appointment and dismissal, weddings and divorces. All the events of the Moscow companies and persons. See GLOBALLY!
The Moscow Times
Info partners
The Moscow Times is a daily English-language newspaper featuring objective, reliable news on business, politics and culture in Moscow, in Russia and the former Soviet Union (CIS).
Info partners
Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) – first in Russia professional organization which unites the PE&VC funds’ representatives.

The RVCA activities is aimed at promotion of the Russian private equity and venture capital (PE&VC) market formation, the innovative activity intensification, and the competitive growth of real economy sector of Russia increase.
Info partners
inam Investment Company was established in 1994, and became the base around which Finam Investment Holding was established. The company was one of the first in Russia to offer services to stock-market investors. Finam now provides one of the broadest ranges of investment services to institutional and individual investors, from the investment of funds on the securities market and the trust management of assets, to full-scale transaction support in the purchase or sale of businesses and capital operations (IPO, private share offering, etc.). The holding is active in the field of direct investments, putting resources into the acquisition of high-tech projects via funds such as Finam Information Technologies, Russia's first mutual fund for high-tech investments. The holding also acts as a large-scale investor in agricultural land.
Fabrika Uspeha
Info partners
Fabrika Uspeha is engaged in producing of Internet projects. In five years of its successful existence, Fabrika reached its best form. The company position in the market of Internet advertizing in St. Petersburg is strong and confirmed with successfully functioning projects. Company slogan: "Yes, we can."
Info partners
A universal business platform for finding investments for startup projects. With its help, startupers have managed to attract over $1,800,000.
Info partners
GreenfieldProject - a launching pad for high-tech start-up projects, communication of potential entrepreneurs and people who are interested to work in a start-up projects.
Info partners
Business incubator InCube of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration is an open non-profit platform, established in 2010 for assisting new entrepreneurs and innovators.
Startup Sauna
Info partners
Startup Sauna, founded in 2010, open sources seed acceleration to the most promising startups from Northern Europe, Baltics and Russia.
Info partners
One of the best Russian-language news commentary & analytic online media.
Info partners
The first website about the development in Russia! This is your personal development area, where in theory and in practice you can learn how to develop yourself,
to gain leadership skills, find your place in the professional world. The website is an
expert area, based on articles and video blogs of professionals from different spheres.
Info partners
Biznesbomba.ru is a database dedicated to innovation entrepreneurship, startups, venture investments and business-angels. This portal is a kind of aggregator of news, useful articles and services, activities on the construction of their own business.
Info partners
The Internet-source is devoted to market of information technologies and telecommunications. The main direction of our work is complex reporting of IT market’s events and trends. The latest news of telecom, system integration and computer market are laid out on our sources every day. In addition, there are plenty of actual interviews, market researches, project descriptions and announcements of important events
Info partners
All about IT business in Russia: Industry news, analytics, market reviews and forecasts, technologies and services.
Special projects
✔ IKS-Tech - a section in IKS-magazine focusing on technical issues of designing, development and operation of engineering and information systems
IKSMEDIA.RU  the leading information & communication resource on TMT markets, for professionals and users.
Marchmont Capital Partners
Info partners
Аn American-owned company providing media and investment consulting services.
MARCHMONT Capital Partners conducts regular investment forums for business leaders in key Russian regions.
Economics and Life
Info partners
"The Economics and Life" magazin is the oldest economic weekly in Russia.
Published since November 6, 1918. The most respectable and authoritative magazin in B2B segment.
"News of Electro Tehniki"
Info partners
All-Russian professional information and reference edition. The central idea is development of electrical engineering (dynamics, achievements, problems).
The audience: Energy, engineers, technologists, designers, installers, operating manager of all industries and utilities and communal services.
Info partners
Expert economic channel "Open economy» (www.opec.ru) oriented on reflection the views of the expert community in the economic and social situation in Russia and around the world.
OPEC.ru site was launched in autumn 2000. OPEC.ru targeted to create a comfortable environment for the communication of economic experts and the public engagement of professional expertise in the sphere of development and government decision-making.
Business Magazine
Info partners
"The Business Magazine' is a russian edition, oriented on entrpreneurs, managing owners of the companies and top-managers. The magazin's mission is to develop national entrepreneurship, contributing to greater sustainability, effectiveness and competitiveness of Russian companies.
Info partners
COMNEWS is an independent group of companies with a history of leadership in the market of business information on telecom, IT and broadcasting in Russia, CIS and emerging markets. The group was established in 1998 and today consists of companies in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, rendering publishing, research, consultancy, and conference services. The key competence of COMNEWS is to produce and distribute the original content with a guarantee of quality and efficient audience reach.
COMNEWS audience exceeds 180,000 industry professionals and audience consists of top-managers of ICT enterprises, CIOs from various industries, ICT analysts from financial institutions, senior executives of the industry regulatory bodies, ICT journalists of key Russian and CIS media.
Info partners
"Kompaniya" is one of most known business weekly jornal in Russia which is published since 1997. The concept of the magazine: reliable information about the major events in business; stories about successful companies and businessmen; the analysis and criticism of new ideas in sphere of management and marketing. The special attention to pages of a weekly journal is given research of tendencies in macroeconomic and in the branch markets.

RIS Ventures
Info partners
RIS Ventures is a market leader in educational services and consulting for technology businesses, a founder of Start in Garage and Win the Market programms, as well as Deep Dive and Gain Traction sessions, arranged in the USA, Silicon Valley, specially for startup founders, private investors and specialists from technology companies and investment funds.
Info partners
Every day, on weekdays, in a live, the radio listeners can communicate with guests of author's journalistic projects of the station – leading experts in different areas. The authors of our programs are people, respected in business community, realizing and opening themselves in new quality and unexpected angle.
Info partners
The National Union of business angels is a non-profit partnership which incorporates legal entities and individuals, private and institutional investors who invest in innovative high-technology companies and entities which render services in the areas of investments and innovations. The decision on the National Union foundation was made at the 7-th Venture Fair on October10, 2006 on the initiative and with the support of the Russian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (RVCA) and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Russia.
Info partners
EasyFinance.ru – the leading Russian SaaS for Personal Financial Management with more than 60 000 users. The mission of company is to make people’s life easier and efficient, tracking their money and planning their financial future.
The Financial Adviser Magazine – “The best SaaS-PFM”
Info partners
The "TRIZ-RI" project " www.triz-ri.ru exists since 1998 and is devoted to open techniques and technologies of business, management, marketing, advertizing and PR. The site presents more than 500 materials and the largest in the Runet Forum www.triz-ri.ru/forum devoted to the decision of advertizing and business tasks.
Info partners
Web portal DailyComm publishes up-to-date information concerning information technology, electronics, Internet and telecommunications. Our site provides information space for IT market players to publish their own materials and articles.
Target audience - vendors' representatives, distributors, resellers, system integrators, developers, retailers, and IT specialists from other companies (banks, companies, etc.).
Site's coverage area — the territory of Russian Federation.
PC WEEK/Russian Edition
Info partners
“PC WEEK/Russian Edition” is a weekly IT newspaper. The newspaper covers leading technologies, news of the world and Russian computer markets of interest to corporate user. It is distributed free of charge to companies with more than 10 PCs.
World Economic Journal
Info partners
World Economic Journal is a monthly English-Russian business magazine which tells about the global markets, global economic trends and people and corporations that form them. Each month the magazine analysts carry out their own macro-economic research, including the investment attractiveness
of the countries in the world, make expert forecasts for the future, estimate the dynamics of world markets.
Harvard Business Review
Info partners
Harvard Business Review Magazine is published by Harvard Business School since 1922 and is one of the most authoritative sources of knowledge on the theory and practice of management.
Harvard Business Review is the most advanced and current knowledge about how to manage business in today's economy situation. The authors of the magazine are world famous practicians, who have got over periods of growth and crisis together with their companies.
They share a unique experience with the readers of the magazine, talking not only about how to cope with external circumstances, but also how to overcome yourself. In Russian edition the experience of well-known local managers and entrepreneurs is added to these revelations.
The Magazine "BOSS. Business, Organization, Strategy, Systems’’
Info partners
The Magazine "BOSS. Business, Organization, Strategy, Systems’’ is an independent political and economic monthly publication for executives of government agencies and large businesses on the problems and the practice of organizing a successful business. Published since 1997, edition of 10,000 copies.
The main objective of the publication is to promote the formation of the professional approach of Russian managers within business in real circumstances and on the basis of advanced management technologies.
Info partners
IT-Portfolio is personal pages of IT-industry: developers, project and product managers, designers, PR-managers and others. Service provides a possibility to create a home page as easy as a profile in a social network.
"Investments. Innovations. Business"
Info partners
Russian Venture Investment Center (RVIC) facilitates and promotes investment in Russia providing a web-based community-driven platform for all the participants of the investment process both in Russia and abroad.
Ya pridumal
Info partners
а unique Internet system to search for business projects and investments