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The Expert Council will select 50 best startups from Russia, the CIS and Europe from all the requests received by the organizing commitee before May 5. Only 50 startups will get an opportunity to take part in the Exhibition and the Contest. The exhibition will more like a networking platform rather than a formal event. Every startup will be able to demonstrate its idea from a laptop or PC. We're waiting for applications from startups working in the following fields: the Internet, IT, high tech, cleantech, biotech, physics, chemistry. The lowest demanded level of the project is working prototype.

The closed pitching of the 30 startups, pre-selected by the Expert Council will be organized in the parellel to the main program. The startups will be pitched be the representatives of venture capital funds and the jury. The public pitching of the 6 best startups, pre-selected by a jury will conclude the Event. The pitching will be set on the main stage where the winner will be announced.

Dates of projects selection for the Startup Exhibition "42":

  • 1-12 May – the selection of projects for startup exhibition by expert council.
  • 13-16 May – the selection of 30 semifinalists.
  • 17 May – the preparation of speech and presentation with semifinalists.

We will inform projects about the results and next steps right after summing-up the selection of the projects for exhibition and pitching.

The expert council members can be found at “experts” section.

Receipt of applications finished at May 5.

List of confirmed VCs